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EP 103: The Micro-Agency Model with Cher Hale – Exploring Alternative Business Models

I’m talking to Cher Hale about how she’s built a micro-agency by design, serving a very specific demographic and market that aligns with her values and passions. Cher Hale is the founder and director of Ginkgo PR, a boutique agency that believes in using public relations to help historically-excluded authors and entrepreneurs take back their narratives.

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EP 94: Business Planning DEEP DIVE (Pt. 3)

Part three of The Easiest Business Plan Ever breaks down your marketing strategy. This is where you’ll get down to the fine details of your customer’s demographics and psychographics so you can figure out how you’ll get the word out about your business and how you’re going to tell people about your products so you can start making sales. This is where you’ll really start generating that to-do list of action items to get your business up and running.

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EP 92: Business Planning DEEP DIVE (Pt. 1)

There are so many tools that email marketing opens up to you that allow you to get more personal and responsive with your email list than you could ever be with social media ads. If you’ve been hesitating learning how to use email marketing for your business, today’s episode is for you. We’ll cover everything from choosing the best software platform to setting up your opt-in forms and how to build your list.

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