You Can’t Do Anything Until You Do THIS

What’s one thing that you want to do, but haven’t yet?

It could be anything…

> decorate your living room
> start a business
> get a pet
> learn a foreign language
> start a YouTube channel
> write a podcast

Literally, anything.

Think of something yet?

Okay, now… if you know it’s something you want to do, then why haven’t you done it?

A couple of the most common reasons we hold ourselves back from moving towards our desires are because we believe we “don’t have the time” or “don’t have the money.”

Maybe those are your reasons, or maybe something else is stopping you.

But (tough love alert), a lot of the time, whatever those “obstacles” may be, they’re just excuses.

Hear me out…

I’m not saying that you DO necessarily have the time or money, but I’m confident that, if you really want to do the thing you’re thinking of, you could find a way.

Maybe you could make time by canceling another activity or hiring a babysitter. Or, if finances are the issue, then you could start a side hustle or sell something you no longer need.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So, then, what’s really holding you back?

Because… you do want to do that thing. But for some reason, you haven’t done it.

My guess? Your real holdup is either indecision or overwhelm. (Or both!)

These are the things that stop us before we even start; the things that hold us back from trying; that things that make it impossible to move forward.

Here’s how:

  1. If we lack clarity about exactly what we want, then we can struggle to decide exactly what we should DO to get started. 
  2. If we feel overwhelmed (either by the size of the project or simply by the unknown elements) then we’ll actively avoid figuring out what to do.

Clearly, these two issues can be very connected. Until you make decisions about what you want to do, you’ll most likely feel some amount of overwhelm. And if you feel overwhelmed then you’ll be prone to avoid making decisions about it.

But, here’s the thing: To start moving forward, all we need to do is decide. And while decisions can feel scary (because of the overwhelm), they tend to be powerfully clarifying and help to actively reduce overwhelm.

Said another way: If you decide exactly what you want, it will suddenly become much easier to do.

(And as you continue to make decisions and develop clarity, the task will become incrementally easier yet!)

And what sort of decisions am I talking about? Mostly these two:

  1. What do I really want?
  2. What is the next thing I need to do?

So, for example, if you want to decorate your living room, first you must decide “what you really want.” Boho or minimalist? Elegant or rustic? Is this room for me to cozy up in, or for my friends to be impressed by?

Yes, it can be a tough decision, but you can’t do anything until you make it.

After that, you can decide what your first small step will be. Maybe it’s making a Pinterest inspo board, or deciding what the most important elements of the room are.

It’s time to STOP procrastination, make some decisions, and take action. This helpful guide can show you the way.

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