"100K Mastermind is the first course of the many I've taken that has given me the results I was looking for. If you commit to putting in the effort and being open to the input of the coaches, you will have a great experience. The content is fantastic, but the community support throughout the process is what makes this course stand out. In fact, it doesn't "feel" like a course at all. It kind of feels like a group of friends all pushing each other to succeed. With all that said, I am only on Phase 2 and have already paid for the course fee and then some with what I've put in to practice, so it's really a no brainer!"

Mark Tobin

Mark Tobin Kitchen Design

60% increase in monthly revenue!

"I enjoyed working with Gillian over the past 16 weeks and am thrilled with the growth of my business. Each week after meeting with her, I came away with specific action steps to optimize my email funnels.

I set up an evergreen sales funnel in just one month. I'm making sales every week. My business's monthly revenue has increased by over 60% from last year (50% increase in January and 90% increase in February), and I have a solid plan to improve it even further!"

- Anna Weston, Orchid Bliss

here’s what students are saying about the program

Jonty Bodley

business coach

structured and professional

"100K Mastermind has turned out to be much more than I ever imagined. Your approach to online teaching is structured, professional, layered with accountability, and all of this cocooned in a high level of integrity. I salute you."

Alicia Cohen

productivity coach

supportive coaches & community 

"The support that you get in $100K Mastermind is top-notch! From the step-by-step curriculum to the supportive Slack community to the coach-run office hours, everything that you need to succeed is at your fingertips!"

Dee Jones

Fiscally Jones

"If you have been longing to build a more passive, evergreen income stream for your business, I can't recommend Gillian Perkins' $100K Mastermind program enough! It has been a priceless resource in helping me finally make progress in building an evergreen funnel for my own business. The step-by-step process she takes you through in each phase of the process gives you the exact guidance you need to take action without unnecessary busywork. She walks you through the entire process from idea validation to product creation and marketing so you can start earning a consistent income for your business. 

The support and guidance of the coaches and other members of the Slack community are beyond compare and a phenomenally valuable resource in helping you progress through this program as quickly and smoothly as possible. The teaching, resources, and community inside of Gillian's $100K Mastermind are absolutely worth every penny! I can't say enough good things about all the valuable lessons learned, insights gained, and progress that I've been able to make in my business all because of the $100K Mastermind. Thank you so much Gillian for creating this amazing program!"

building a true business asset

"I love the 100K mastermind. It is VERY comprehensive and I haven't even gone through half of it yet. This program offers so much that you only get in masterminds that sell at a MUCH HIGHER investment. What I love especially about it is that it combines a detailed curriculum with step-by-step guidance on all the parts I need for building my evergreen funnel. I like that it is a mix of video and text, and also includes checklists, swipes, samples and how-tos. 

The best add-on is the inclusion of coaching (and there are amazing coaches working with Gillian and everyone in the mastermind). Being helped by the amazing coaching team through email, slack and even the Q&A calls is priceless. I also really like that the program is laid out as a longer-term curriculum going in-depth into building a true business asset."

Andrea Caprio

Wellness Methods

building an automated sales funnel has never been easier (or more fun!)

Celine Bruner
easy-to-follow steps

I would definitely recommend the $100K Mastermind program.

It's easy to follow even if you've never done such a thing before. Every step is explained in great detail, and we have coaches to help and to make sure that students are on their way to success."

Celine Bruner

Ann Hair
in the right place

"$100K MM is making one of the hardest things I have ever done, also the most FUN! I am technology challenged - big time. The help and support with Gillian and team are amazing! Putting each little piece together, bit by bit, and seeing this thing develop form it, wow. 

I started following Gillian early in her journey, and when life changes happened suddenly for me, I knew where to go to take the plunge and explore this online entrepreneur adventure. There's no question, I am in the right place. Working through this program is a bright spot in my day. I am accomplishing things I never dreamed were possible for me."

Be is a Verb

Jeffrey Hillard
making progress 

"I adore 100K Mastermind, and I appreciate your professionalism and professional approach/delivery more than you can know.

When I am buckled up and working on my course and not away from my tasks for two to three weeks straight (ugh!), I am progressing nicely and I'm learning a great deal."

Shine Academy for Writers

What else can you expect with $100K Mastermind?

Networking and collaboration is in full swing within the community, and the success coaches are ready to answer questions and support you as you build your automated sales funnel.

Mike Callahan, Simple Approach to Oil Painting

Inspired to add live coaching to his program!

"I'm loving the $100K Mastermind! I have used the initial Blueprint on numerous occasions to keep myself focused and on track. The coaches have been great and extremely helpful! The addition of office hours was an unexpected and pleasant surprise and have been very helpful as well as inspiring - I have been inspired to add a similar call-in feature to my course and believe this will be super useful to my students! (some were hinting at such a feature during the DMO interviews)."

Ben Root, Lean Learning Academy

Networking with companies to grow his business!

"I have gone with you from promoting my courses on home made YouTube videos two years ago to actually, just this morning talking with eCornell about using them as a platform to distribute my courses. (Imagine me. Talking with Cornell about delivering my courses!!) Insane. That would NOT have happened without $100K Mastermind. So, after two years and nearly a year in Mastermind, is $100K Mastermind a value to me? Absolutely!"

Hong Phung, Optinutri 

It was the right choice to take this course! 

"I  always felt I made the right choice, and I was right one more time since I quickly decided to take this course. A lot of lessons from your course made me really touched. Thank you for giving so much value so conscientiously. I love the detailed, step-by-step instructions in each lesson where I always find my shining AHA moment. The steps were also easy to follow to produce the results I expected. I have never learned anyone to share as understanding and dedicated as Gillian. Your team is awesome too. They always answered all my questions when I needed them. Thanks very much!"

Paul Scott, RPA Business Analyst Expert Accelerator 

Highly recommended!

"I would definitely recommend $100K Mastermind to others in a similar position to myself wanting to sell a digital course or coaching program. The program is well-structured, has easy-to-follow steps, has coach support and weekly calls to support the journey, and is value for money."

with $100K Mastermind, Laura Chambers finally got focused and on track with her to-do list!

Sarah deshaw 

"I absolutely LOVE how everything is broken up into manageable chunks and how you set the expectations that it could be worked through in an hour per day. I found this really realistic for my current season of life, and it's helped make things manageable on my end and keep this process going positively and helped me feel successful, instead of feeling behind or stressed to make progress like I have felt in other programs. I also really love the addition of the 'pick up where you left off' option - SO helpful as this is a lot of content to remember where you're at."

Your business is up, running, and making money...

... but not quite creating the lifestyle you dreamed. 

Right now, your income is inconsistent from one month to the next (and, most months, a lot lower than you'd like it to be).

How can you change that?

You need an evergreen sales system. A system that generates leads and converts them into paying customers ever single day (whether you're in the office or not).

Are you ready to create that freedom you're looking for?

~ Gillian