Re: How Can I Start a Business at Age 14?

Written in response to an email received from a young, aspiring entrepreneur.

Hi Thomas,

Gillian Perkins here! Thanks so much for reaching out with your questions about starting a business. I don't know how much of my story you're familiar with, but let's just say I am very well acquainted with the challenges of starting a business when young.

My recommendation would be that you continue your education (now in school, later through independent means) and spend your free time learning about business. This can be done by through various experimental ventures (starting a shop, offering freelance services, running a commercial social media account, etc.) or by finding a job or internship position at a company you respect.

At first, it will be slow, and  you'll run into many roadblocks. It will be hard to get people to take you seriously. But if you persevere, your efforts will eventually be rewarded.

Also, here's a tip: nobody has to give you permission to be an entrepreneur or start your own business. Richard Branson started his first company (a magazine) at age 16. Especially online, there's plenty of opportunities and work you can do, even as a minor with a very small budget. For example, you can create a digital product (such as an online course) and build an audience to sell it to organically on social media.

It will take time and hard work, but I'm confident you can achieve your goals if you stay committed. 

Here's to your success!



Original Message:

Dear Gillian,                     

My name is Thomas. I am a secondary school student in the UK seeking buisness advice and I have decided that you would be the most sensible person to contact. I am currently fourteen years old and I am aspiring to become someone like you in the future – someone who makes a lot of their money through passive income.

Being only fourteen, it is incredibly hard to start my own business as people do not often take you very seriously. I have tried to create many businesses in the past, including a YouTube channel, but after writing papers on them and attempting them. I have found that it is very difficult to get into the world of business, especially passive income.

Therefore, in recent times, I have resolved to use active income to get a sufficient amount of money to aid my in the world of business. I an writing to you to ask you for advice about what the best method of earning income is – for me an English fourteen year old boy.

Is it better for me to rely on active income and search more widely for this type of income; e.g get a paper round etc. Or should I try and start my own business and earn money that way?

Most people have told me not to worry about money, and focus on schoolwork rather than trying to start or manage a business but I feel I have the time and capability to do both. Without trying to make myself into something I am not, I am a very high achieving student and am expecting to do well in GCSEs (8-9 in most subjects).

I feel that you are the person who could most help me, with all your knowledge and expertise.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Master Thomas O.

N.B I really think that you have done very well in life – having multiple streams of income is an amazing achievement and writing a book is a real skill. I don't imagine many people say this to you, but I will. Well done!

Gillian Perkins

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