Hiring Part 2: HOW to Hire When You Don't Have a Budget

You know that hiring a little help you earn more without having to work quite so much. 

You have tasks that you could easily delegate and you’re ready to bring some people to help you with this.

But... you just don't have the budget.

Maybe it’s because your business is still in the startup phase and money is tight.

Or maybe it’s because your profits just aren't yet where you want them to be.

In today's episode, the second part of our series on hiring help, we're diving into the logistics of how to make your first hire when the money just isn’t there. 

Last week, we talked about determining whether or not you are ready to hire in the first place, regardless of budget. We also talked about how to strategically hire so that it’s a profitable move for your business.

So if you haven't yet listened to that episode and you're not yet 100% sure about exactly who you should hire in order to really have a positive impact on your business's profits, then go back and listen to that episode first.


  • How to determine exactly how much money you have available for delegating--including how to free up some funds so that you have more to invest
  • How to mentally prepare for the process of hiring by understanding that it's a long game strategy 
  • How to figure out exactly what the outcome is that you're looking by hiring help
  • How to go about finding the right person the specific job position you’re looking to fill 
  • And how to ensure that your new team member is actually helping you earn more and work less
  • Video: Running a $500k Company With Just 1 Employee
  • Video: How To Get Started With No Money


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