Let's get your course making MONEY.

Our October cohort is SOLD OUT. Apply now for early enrollment in our Winter 2023 cohort.

what every “expert” tells you:

“You NEED to build a social media following!"

So, without knowing any better, that’s what I tried to do!

But here’s what nobody tells you about this method…

👉 It's unimaginably slow and unpredictable. 
👉 It will consume ALL of your time.
👉 It will take MONTHS before you can even make a penny.

Once I realized this, I knew there had to be a better way.

Starting over from scratch, I created a completely new strategy that essentially negated the greatest problem people face when starting a new online business:

No one knowing you exist.

And not only did this new strategy earn me TONS of free time (to the tune of a 2-month trip touring Europe, multi-month maternity leaves, and more) it also provided me with a true source of passive income.

Just a few months later, after optimizing the process, this system was bringing in $10,000/month.

And the best part? If you're selling a course (or even a membership), you can implement this exact same strategy yourself.

It's easy to replicate, once you know how it works, and it can earn you passive income for the rest of your life.

Our October cohort is SOLD OUT. Apply now for early enrollment in our Winter 2023 cohort.

A 6-month coaching program to set up a strategic, automated sales funnel and fuel it with ready-to-buy leads.

Are you ready to put live launching, inconsistent revenue, and slow growth behind you?

More than anything, here's what we want you to know: it is possible to successfully sell your online course and consistently earn $10K+/month, even if...

🤔 You don't have a big audience (or any audience at all!)
😩 You've tried launching your course in the past... and it was a huge flop.
😬 You're "not good at sales" - we'll teach you a system anyone can follow.

Over the past 4 years, my team and I have perfected our automated sales funnel strategy to be able to predictably sell online courses like hotcakes. 

Now, we want to guide YOU to build a funnel like this for yourself and finally turn your course into a $10K+/month stream of passive income.

Ready when you are! ✨

Our October cohort is SOLD OUT. Apply now for early enrollment in our Winter 2023 cohort.

how it works.

Submit YOUR application

We want to make sure you're the perfect fit for this program, so we start out by getting the scoop on you, your business, and your goals.   

Applications are reviewed within 5 business days of submission.

book an interview

If your initial application looks like you may be a good fit for $100K Mastermind, then you'll book a call to talk details and strategize your path to $10K months.


Complete your enrollment and get access to the $100K Mastermind training curriculum. 

GET MATCHED up WITH your business COACH

We'll match you up with a coach to work with 1-on-1 as you build your funnels and scale to $10K months. Your coach will be there to keep you accountable, answer your questions, and provide feedback throughout the process.


After completing your onboarding form, we'll create a custom $100K Blueprint for you to follow to build your automated funnel and set up your evergreen lead generation systems.

Blueprints are created within 7 business days of program enrollment.


With your onboarding complete, you'll be ready to follow your blueprint to build your automated funnel, fuel it with ready-to-buy leads, and scale your course to $10K+/month.

this is for you if...

You sell a course for $150+

You’re willing to go ALL IN setting up an evergreen funnel for ONE of your products.

Your revenue goal is $10,000/month or more.

the details

    This first phase will introduce you to the philosophy and big-picture strategy of the program, as well as guide you to set your goals and make several foundational decisions.
    What if you could design your product, write persuasive marketing messages and get PAID before you even create the product itself? This intense module will guide you through that process. Your business will never be the same.

    Expand and upgrade your offer, refine your pricing, create a conversion event, write your email sales sequence, and set up your offering to be delivered automatically.


    It's time to publicly launch your shiny new funnel, and we're going to milk it for everything it's worth.


    Set all your systems on autopilot so your new funnel can easily run without you.


    Implement systems and strategies to drive evergreen traffic to your automated funnel.

Our October cohort is SOLD OUT. Apply now for early enrollment in our Winter 2023 cohort.

the perfect fit

The truth is, this program isn't right for everyone. Not everyone wants to sell courses or run a membership (a lot of people just want to fit in and "be normal"). Some people WANT to live launch and can't bring themselves to even consider investing the time for a future pay-day. And some people like to DIY everything and just want to figure out passive income on their own.

But if you're ready to quit with the guess-work and quickly scale your course to $10K+ months, then I'd love to see your application come through and explore the possibility of working together.

I know how much those $10K months would change your life because I've experienced the impact first-hand. ❤️

Here's to your success!


Thank you for your interest in $100K Mastermind! We will review your application and respond within 5 business days.

Please enter their first & last name, and we'll send them a $25 Starbucks gift card. ☕ ❤️ (If no one referred you, just enter "no.")


Thank you for your interest in $100K Mastermind! We will review your application and respond within 5 business days.

Please enter their first & last name, and we'll send them a $25 Starbucks gift card. ☕ ❤️ (If no one referred you, just enter "no.")


Who is $100K Mastermind for?

$100K Mastermind is designed for online entrepreneurs who have a course or membership they want to scale to $10,000+/month and who are willing to invest 6 months of time and effort to build a strategic marketing funnel that's capable of generating that level of passive income. 

Important Note: This program isn't for beginners -- to qualify, you need to have already legally started your business, have a website, and have a solid plan for the product you want to sell. 

What's the investment?

$100K Mastermind tuition is $700/month for the 6-month program. 

what's the time commitment?

If you're the kind of go-getter $100k Mastermind is designed for then you probably have a pretty full schedule, and we kept that in mind when creating this program, utilizing the 80/20 principle and prioritizing simplicity to enable you to get the best results in as little time as possible. That being said, it takes time to build a $10K+/month funnel, and we only want you to sign up if you're able and willing to make the necessary investment of time. You can expect to spend 5-7 hours/week during the first 3 months of the program while you're actively setting up your funnel, then 1-3 hours/week for the remainder of the 6-month program, during which you'll be building your passive lead generation systems and scaling your funnel to $10K/month. 

what is the format of $100K mastermind?

The program is comprised of five phases, which you'll complete over a 6-month period. In each phase, you'll follow our $100K Method curriculum to learn the strategies and be guided to implement them, step-by-step. These lessons are primarily written, with video tutorial included as needed for aspects that are better communicated visually.

In addition to the structured curriculum, you'll be working 1-on-1 with one of our $100K coaches for the duration of your time in the program. Your coach will provide you with a custom-fit blueprint to guide and pace you through the program. You'll also be able to reach out to your coach whenever you have questions, need support, or want feedback, and they'll also follow up with you regularly to keep you accountable.

will i get access to all the lessons right away?

You and your coach will work together to come up with a custom schedule for you follow to complete the program and get your funnel built, and you'll receive access to the curriculum according to that schedule. $100K Mastermind is very structured, sequential program; to successfully scale your course to $10K/month it's vital that you follow the steps in the order we recommend and don't skip ahead.

how much support will I get throughout the program?

You can reach out to your coach as often as you like to get feedback on each component of your funnel. We also have a private forum set up where you'll be able to connect with and get feedback from the other mastermind members.

 $100K Mastermind isn't exactly a "group coaching" program -- it's an accelerator with a guided curriculum plus a 1-on-1 coaching component. We'll lay out exactly what you need to do, show you how to do it, and give you feedback on what you create.