The Productized Service Model with Anna Wolf of Superscript Marketing - Exploring Alternative Business Models 

Over the next several episodes, I'm going to be interviewing a series of online business owners about their business models, how their businesses make money, their biggest expenses, how much time their businesses take to run, how big or small their teams are, and more.

Today I’m interviewing Anna Wolf, the owner of Superscript Marketing, a small agency that sells a productized service, meaning they sell a service that looks very similar for each of the different types of clients they serve.

We’ll talk about why she chose this model, how it works and some of the additional considerations that this type of business can create, as well as the pros of selling a simple service rather than responding to each individual client’s specific needs.



  • The legal, financial, and psychological reasons behind using a mix of contractors and employees
  • Why Superscript’s highly specialized niche means they don’t have to spend a lot of effort bringing in new clients
  • Why Anna has chosen to remain a boutique firm rather than scaling up, and how she is branching out her business
  • Why professional development and team bonding are significant line items in her budget

Learn more about Anna Wolf:

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