Three Systems to Maximize Your Productivity With Ashley Gartland

“Doesn’t working less mean less time for serving clients? Less time for making money?”

It doesn’t have to. You have already spent so much time hustling that you don't see how you could possibly work less without sacrificing revenue. 

The key to working less without sacrificing cash flow is to find the systems that allow you to accomplish more with less effort – and help you prioritize fitting work into your life instead of squeezing your life into your work.

Today, Ashley Gartland shares different ways you can create simple systems to help you run your business more effectively and more efficiently.

Ashley is a business coach who specializes in helping small business owners systematize and streamline their businesses so that they can work less and grow more. 

She has developed a simplified marketing system that puts all of her digital businesses and marketing efforts onto one Trello board – simplifying her marketing and maximizing her productivity

And she shares how she does this in just 20 to 30 hours per week or less.



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