How to Beta Launch a Membership Site with Laura Watson

If you’ve ever thought about launching a membership site, today’s episode is for you.

I’m talking with Laura Watson, who participated in our Validate accelerator program earlier this year, about her experience beta launching her membership site, the Watercolour Garden.

We’re going to chat about how she did it, what some of her biggest challenges were–and some of her biggest wins–and we’ll get into the nitty gritty details and numbers behind her beta launch, so you can see what’s possible for you, too.

Laura Watson is a botanical artist based on the west coast of Canada. She is the founder of The Watercolour Garden, an online community that helps watercolor painters create botanical paintings using her 3 step painting method. Laura has a diploma with distinction from the London Art College in Botanical Painting, and her paintings are in private collections worldwide.



  • How leaning on her peers and the structure of the Validate program helped Laura take the leap to launch
  • How she structured the webinar funnel and follow-ups that landed her a 50% conversion rate
  • Why Laura wanted to shift from selling courses on third-party platforms to hosting her own membership
  • The two biggest mental hurdles she had to overcome

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