How to Get NOTICED When You're First Starting Out

The reason I wasn't making any money was that people can't buy your products if they don't know they exist.

When I first started my online business, on top of being a mom and working a day job to pay my bills, I was pouring a ton of time into my business every single week without seeing much results.

I had a solid product and I had built some great automated sales funnels that should have been able to produce sales. I was wondering why they weren't working. Why wasn’t this creating the results I was looking for?

What I finally realized was that it didn't matter how amazing my product was or how good my sales funnels were. If there wasn't any traffic flowing through my funnel, then the funnel wasn't going to produce any sort of results.

And because nobody knew that me, my business, or my products existed, this wasn’t going to change.

I had to figure out how to get noticed

Now in retrospect, this seems incredibly obvious. But at the time, when I finally realized that that was true, it was quite the revelation and I realized that I needed to shift my focus in my business. I needed to get that visibility or else my business wasn't going to go anywhere.

I didn't just need to work harder–I needed to change my strategy to get the visibility that I really needed.

In today’s episode, I'm going to share with you what I did to get people to finally start paying attention and the huge difference this made in my business. I am going to share with you the strategies that really took me from earning no money with my business online to earning multiple six figures.


  • Why people aren't paying attention to you or your business... yet
  • How to make something worth paying attention to
  • The uncomfortable but POWERFUL strategy you can use to directly reach your target customers
  • How to reach the *right* people in MASS
  • Profit Planning Challenge
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