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How to Run a Business WITHOUT Social Media with Tara Wagner

What would happen to your business if you suddenly were unavailable, if you couldn’t do the things that you typically do to run your business, generate traffic, and generate leads? What would happen if you suddenly had no capacity to show up on social media and share content?

That’s exactly what happened to my longtime friend, Tara Wagner.

You might think that she would've seen a huge drop off on the number of leads she was generating, the number of sales she was seeing, and even her monthly revenue. But Tara has figured out strategies for sustaining and building her business without social media.

Today, Tara is going to share her experience and insights on these strategies.

Tara Wagner is a mindset and business coach who helps other service-based business owners work half as much, without giving up revenue or growth. 

After burning out in her first business in 2008, she had to learn what it takes to build a healthy business in a healthy way. 

Today, she teaches other entrepreneurs across the globe the mistakes to avoid, the mindsets to master, and the areas to upgrade for more free time and fun in their small business with her program, Breakthrough Boss® Inner Circle. 

She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and two pups, and spends her weekends catching up with her grown son's travels or geeking out with a new board game.



  • Why you should take a hard look at the amount of time you spend on social media and the number of clients you can actually trace back to it
  • How Tara uses content, connections, and advertising in her business
  • Why Tara recommends getting confident in selling one-to-one before you try to scale up with content

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