30,000+ Courses Sold In Just 18 Months (and With a Small Audience!) with Lucy Griffiths

A few weeks ago, I gave my Instagram account a good cleanout. I unfollowed a couple hundred accounts that weren’t really what I wanted or needed in my life right now. 

Goal: to see more of the things I really care about! 

The next day, as I scrolled through my feed, I saw a post from my friend Lucy. 

Hey, it’s Lucy!, I said to myself. Man, I haven’t seen her in forever. I wonder how she’s been! What’s she up to these days, anyway…?

I tapped on her profile pic to navigate to her bio.

::reading bio::

Wait, what?!

She sold Thirty THOUSAND courses??

That, my friend, is a LOT of courses.

Naturally, I DMed Lucy straight-away to ask her to come on the podcast and tell us her strategy.

(I may or may not have been super curious to know myself. ?)

The story gets even better, though, because once we got on the phone, I learned that not only had she sold 30,000 courses… she’d done it in just 18 months. 


If you’re as eager as I was to know how she did it, then go listen to the episode now, because it was SO interesting. Lucy explained her whole strategy and really didn’t hold back!

I loved this interview, and if you’re interested in selling online courses then I’m pretty sure you will as well!



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