Demystifying SEO with Kim Herrington

Two words: MIND. BLOWN.

I used to believe a LOT of myths about SEO, including:

  • Google ranks websites higher if they’re frequently updated
  • More content means your site has more chances of ranking well
  • Adding target keywords to articles is the best way to tell Google what it’s about

And by “used to” I don’t mean years ago.

Nope… these are all myths I believed as recently as last week.

That is until I talked to Kim Herrington.

Kim’s an expert in SEO, search engine marketing, and digital marketing—and she’s the founder of a digital marketing agency where she helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers harness the power of search engines while maintaining high ethical standards and simplifying the process.

On today’s episode, Kim shed a LOT of light on an often mysterious subject: how to get your website to rank well on Google. Honestly, she shared a lot of things that surprised me!

So… if your website is one of the main ways your business attracts customers, this is a can’t-miss episode.



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