A 7-Figure Course Business... and the Surprising Strategy that Built It with Chandler Bolt

What's more profitable, online courses or self-published books?

A lot of people who are interested in making money by selling information (either as a course creator or author) consider these two options.

To some, the choice is obvious.

Of course it's online courses!

After all, everyone knows that "authors don't make anything."

And we've all heard plenty of stories of course creators who are killing it online.

Here's the thing -- while it's true that courses tend to be more profitable than self-published books, this question ("What's more profitable?") kind of creates a false dichotomy.

In other words: it makes it sound like you have to pick one or the other.

But, in reality, these two strategies can work together to create far better results than either typically does on its own.

(It's like asking, "What's better: YouTube or email marketing?" And the answer is, "Neither, they're just different. They serve different purposes in your marketing.")

This week, on the podcast, I interviewed my friend Chandler Bolt, founder and CEO of Self-Publishing School, a $15M Inc 5000 company.

Self-Publishing School primarily sells online courses -- and it's one of the biggest and most successful such companies out there!

So, how'd Chandler do it? Well... by practicing what he preaches: self-publishing books on Amazon!

Chandler's been a friend of mine for the past three years (I first met him in San Diego at Hal Elrod's "Best Year Ever" event) and it's been so cool to watch him scale his company so incredibly fast.

If you don't already know Chandler, I'm honored to introduce you. But, either way, I know there's a LOT we can all learn from his story.



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