When Should You GIVE UP and Move On? with Gabe Cox

Whenever you’re pursuing a goal, at some point you’ll want to give up. Making the distinction between frustration, boredom or distraction and it really being time to move on is hard and it can get emotional.

There are times when you’re frustrated and discouraged and things aren’t working, but you can change course and use a different strategy rather than giving up on the goal altogether.

There are times when you’re bored or unmotivated and a shiny new idea seems like a better path.

And there are times when you’ll realize that, for one reason or another, the goal you’ve been pursuing truly isn’t serving you.

So how do you make an informed, solid decision with all those feelings swirling around?

In the final episode of our series on perseverance, we are going to help you answer that question.

I’m joined again by Startup Success coach Gabe Cox. Gabe is a marathon runner, author of Mind Over Marathon, success coach, and homeschooling mom. She helps women use their passions to enhance their productivity and spiritual growth so they can go after their God-given goals.



  • Why you can be working without doing the work
  • How validating your ideas can help you decide to change course or give up
  • How to tell if you’ve truly lost your passion
  • What to do with roadblocks, detours and other obstacles
  • When it really is just too hard to keep going

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