How Many FOLLOWERS Do You Need To Make A Living On Social Media?

Trying to grow your Instagram following? Attract YouTube subscribers? Get more shares, comments, and likes?

If so, I have a question for you… is it just for fun? Or, is there a reason you're building your audience?

I'm betting there is a reason, and I'm also betting that it's a BETTER reason than just to feed your ego.

Am I right?

I mean, I love knowing that people like my videos and think pictures of baby Verdi on Instagram are cute…

And it means SO MUCH when you share with me that you've taken action and gotten real results from the strategies I teach.

But, ultimately, social media is a tool.

It's a way to build your brand, attract an audience, and warm up prospective customers.

  • That's why you have a social media posting schedule, right?
  • That's why you spend hours every week coming up with the perfect captions.
  • That's why you ask strangers (or your husband) to take your picture every time you actually get out of the house.

And… it's going alright! Your audience is growing — slowly, perhaps, but steadily.

However, you might have a question in the back of your mind.

“How many followers do I need to make this a ‘real thing'? How big does my audience have to grow? When will I finally be able to support myself full-time? How much longer will this take?

Well, I did the math.

Yup ?

Want to find out exactly how many followers you need to hit your income goals? Click here to watch the video and find out.

In the video, not only do I break down the literal math of how big your audience needs to be, but I also share my favorite way to tell when your audience is big enough to support you. And… it's my favorite because it's actually more accurate than the math is. ?

Curious? Watch the video. 🙂 It will answer a lot of those questions swimming around in your mind.

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