I Only Serve Women In Their 40’s Who Own Goldfish And Like To Eat Rye Bread For Breakfast

Do those women exist? The 40-year-old's who own goldfish and like to eat rye bread for breakfast?

I'm sure there are a few! In fact, I'd say it's likely that there are a couple hundred such in the world.

But would that make a good target market for your business/blog/channel/etc.?

After all, you've been told to “go niche.” You've been told, “the more niche, the better.”

No, I'd say. I'd argue that these women would make a terrible target audience.

Why? There are two reasons:

1) They don't share the most important characteristic: a common desire. Whatever you offer your customers is some sort of result. Many, diverse types of people might want that result, but they all share a common desire. It's okay if their tastes, opinions, even ages, and genders have a lot of variety. What matters is that they all want the same thing. If they all want the same thing, then you can market that thing to the group as a whole.

2) You'd have to track down goldfish-rye-bread-women one at a time. There are no Facebook groups for these people. No clubs, no email newsletters, no websites. You'd be charting new territory with no tools.

How niche is too niche?

What makes a “good” target audience good isn't it's size, or even how specific it is. It's the way it's defined. For best results, define your audience based on their common desire — and a very specific desire at that! 

>> Not just people who want “clean floors,” but people who want carpet free of pet hair.

>> Not just men who want to be good dads, but men who want to teach their children positive character traits through outdoor adventures.

>> Not just entrepreneurs who want to have videos edited, but entrepreneurs who want professionally edited commercials.

What is the specific result that you offer to your customers?

Who (what type of person) wants that specific result?

Now, chances are, there are a few different types of people you can think of who would want the result you offer. That's okay! However, it means that YOU need to make a decision and pick one of these “avatars” to market your product to.

…which leads us to point #2 (above): you need to choose a type of person that gathers in groups. This will make your marketing so much easier (and cheaper!).

The fastest/easiest way to figure out if the group you're considering likes to congregate? Search Facebook for groups of these people. In a matter of seconds, you'll know for sure.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1) Clarify the RESULT your product/service/Instagram/website/videos create.

2) Brainstorm TYPES of people who want this result.

3) RESEARCH these proposed groups to discover if they already exist.

4) DECIDE which group you'd like to focus on serving.

Well, that escalated quickly. 

Would you like to see more truly actionable marketing tips like this in the future? Comment down below and let me know!

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