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Let’s tackle this crucial question: What should your website's main call to action be? Startup Society member, Stacey Beebe asked it this way, “For the button that directs them to the next page I want them to visit; if I ultimately want them to purchase a course, do I want them to visit information about the courses or to a free downloadable resource to get their contact info for a monthly newsletter?”

This is an important question, because, without clear direction, they'll end up wandering aimlessly on your website! Stacey's two options are to either direct visitors straight to her course information or entice them with a free downloadable resource in exchange for their contact information. Let's explore the best approach!

Knowing Your Audience

When someone lands on your homepage, it's crucial to consider who they are, their current situation, and what actions they're likely to take. Many visitors, upon arriving at your website, may not be ready to purchase immediately. They might first explore your site by scrolling down the home page or clicking on various menu items.

Option 1: Direct to Course Information

If you opt for this, visitors who click on the course information button will likely read about your course but may not make an immediate purchase. The reason is simple: they don't yet trust you enough.

Now if, for some reason, you know that everyone coming to your website already has a solid relationship with you (maybe they're coming straight from your email newsletter or from your YouTube channel), you might be able to get away with sending them straight to your course's sales page, but it still isn't probably going to be your best bet.

You’ll want your website to be able to convert cold traffic (people who aren't already familiar with your brand) into warm leads… because that's what will ultimately translate into the most revenue.

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Option 2: Capture Contact Information

Stacey's second option, which is offering a free download in exchange for contact information, is a more strategic choice. Even cold visitors are more likely to say “YES!” to a free offer.

They might still explore your page or click on other elements, but they'll return to claim your freebie if it's good enough. This approach allows you to build a relationship with them over time through email marketing.

The Opt-In Offer

For this approach to work, ensure that your free opt-in offer is enticing and relevant to your audience. It should provide value and align with your course. Crafting a compelling offer can significantly impact the success of your strategy so you’ll want to be sure your opt-in is priming your leads to work with you.

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Including Course Information on Your Home Page

While the main call to action on your homepage should focus on capturing contact information, it's wise to introduce your course in another area on the page. A page section with a brief overview of your course and a “Learn More” call-to-action can help familiarize visitors with your course or offer. This early exposure sets the stage for later pitches and increases your chances of conversion.

Strategic Placement

Lastly, don't forget to place a call to action in the upper right-hand corner of your website. This area tends to attract user attention. Ensure that the button's text clearly guides visitors towards their desired outcome, such as “Work with Me” or “Get Started,” which leads to your course sales page. This subtle encouragement reinforces the idea that purchasing your course is the next logical step for them.


Crafting an effective call to action on your website's homepage is essential for guiding visitors toward your desired outcomes for your business goals. While it may be tempting to lead visitors directly to course information, a smarter approach is to offer a valuable free download in exchange for their contact information.

This allows you to build relationships with cold traffic over time through email marketing.

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