The $100K Method: This Email Sequence Will DOUBLE Your Passive Income

Wouldn’t it be nice to be making DOUBLE from what you already have in place? Did you know there is a way to double your sales by adding ONE email sequence to your marketing? A simple and FAST way to scale your business.

Wait… scale? What exactly does this look like?

Think of it this way… have you ever used a graphic design software – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Canva for example – to change the size of an object by grabbing the little handles on the corner and dragging them, making the object smaller or larger? 

This is called “scaling.” To scale an object is to change its size.

Scaling Your Business

Businesses can be “scaled” as well! You might start out doing everything yourself, with quite limited capacity, only able to serve a few clients per month. But, by implementing various systems, using software, and building a team of people to help you, you can scale your business by expanding your capacity and increasing your income. 

Some businesses are easier – or harder – to scale than others. For example, if you run a local retail business, then scaling can be quite difficult. You might have to lease a larger space, buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of new inventory, and hire dozens of new employees. PLUS you’d need to finance all of that, which is often done by borrowing money.

Online businesses get to skip a lot of these potential scaling challenges, because their digital nature makes them much lighter on the infrastructure and, overall, more lean and efficient. They don’t need storefronts or employees to man them. Which means they also don’t need nearly as much electricity or other utilities. 

If they sell digital products, like my business does, then they also don’t need warehouses for storing inventory or manpower to manage, pack, or ship products. 

All these overhead costs that you don’t need makes it a lot easier to scale – or grow – your online business. 

Effectively Scaling Online 

Not only is it easier to scale an online business… It's also way more effective!

Because… when you try to scale a local business – or any business with higher monthly overhead – the reality is that it’s tough to increase your revenue without also increasing your expenses. And sometimes you can find the expenses multiplying while your revenue is only slowly counting upward. 

This was one of the biggest challenges I ran into when I operated a local business earlier in my career – a much bigger issue than simply finding new customers.

With my online business, on the other hand, I’ve been able to keep my profits steady – and well over 50% – while doubling our revenue year over year. 

The good news is that my online business isn’t unique in this – it’s just the nature of businesses that sell digital products! 

Let me give you an example of one easy little strategy for “scaling” an online business. Something you can implement in just a few hours – about one 8-hour work day – that can literally double your business’ revenue. 

Plus, since this tactic won’t add a dime to your monthly expenses, it’s definitely going to improve your profit margins as well!

Scaling with Webinars

Most digital marketers know that webinars are one of the highest-converting mass marketing tactics out there. 

In other words, if you want to sell to a lot of people all at once, you’ll make the highest number of sales using webinars. In fact, it’s not unusual to convert more than 10% of your webinar attendees into paying customers.

There are other strategies that have even higher conversion rates, but those are more active, one-to-one methods. So, if your audience is small enough that you have time to talk with each person individually, then that’s definitely going to be your best option – don’t just jump into building a technical sales funnel because it sounds cool. 

Then, once your audience grows to the point where you have more than a few hundred leads, you’ll be able to sell the most effectively using mass communication, such as email marketing, paid advertising, podcasting, video marketing, webinars, and so on. 

And, like I said, there’s a reason webinars are so popular in the online marketing world – they work! For comparison, if you run an email-only promotion, 1-2% is considered a great conversion rate. But a single, well-executed webinar, like those built on our Win/Win Webinar framework, typically convert at 10-20%.

When we’re building our 100K funnels, including a webinar is one of the key elements that enables us to get our industry-leading conversion rates. Even so, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Because, as good as webinars are at converting prospects, for every ONE person who says “yes” to your pitch, there are two more who won’t buy. But… they will if you give them another chance.

Allow me to introduce you to the “Double-Your-Sales” email sequence.

The Double-Your-Sales Email Sequence

The Double-Your-Sales email sequence is a relatively short sales follow up post-webinar to everyone who registered – whether they attended or not. 

You can probably guess why we call it the “double-your-sales” sequence. Obviously, it’s because that’s exactly what it does. 

Something I tell the 100K members all the time is how under-utilized follow-up is in sales. More often than not, if someone says “no” or ignores you, they really mean “not yet” or “I just need some more time to think about it.”

If you just present a webinar and accept the sales it brings in, you’re making a monumental mistake! You’re leaving a ton of money on the table. By simply following up, you can generate twice as much money.

Now, following up can be extremely time consuming if you do it manually. With a live launch, you’ll put in a decent number of hours for a one-time payout, though I’d still say it’s definitely worth it. However, when it comes to building evergreen funnels like our 100K Method teaches, investing your time into writing these emails is a no brainer!

Think about it – you can write the whole sequence in less than 8 hours, and then, for the life of your funnel, you’ll earn twice as much money.

Without these emails, your funnel might earn $50,000/year… with them, it can earn $100,000/year or more! And if you run your funnel for even as few as 4 years, that’s more than $200,000! All for just 8 hours of work!!!

That’s what I’m talking about when I say that online businesses are incredibly EASY to scale and you can do so EFFECTIVELY. And you’re not going to find a better “work less, earn more” proposition than this!

In $100K Mastermind, we break down each of the emails in detail, providing real-world examples of each, templates you can literally copy and paste, as well as instructions for how to write your own from scratch. 

“I'm really enjoying the step-by-step process of the 100K Mastermind program. Before starting it, I second guessed my to-do list all the time wondering if what I was working on was really the most productive thing to be doing. I trust your knowledge and your program, so I can confidently work step by step and trust that I'm being positively productive with my time instead of toiling away on useless things.”

Laura Chambers
Peak Wellness

Let me give you a brief overview of the broad strokes of the sequence.

Write Your Own Double-Your-Sales Sequence

This written sales funnel is a 7-email sequence, sent over a 72-hour period. We’ve found that keeping the sales period short and sweet maximizes the number of sales, because it keeps the energy up throughout the promotion, while also minimizing annoyance to the people who aren’t interested in buying.

The sequence opens with an email sent just a few hours after the automated webinar. This email shares the link to the replay of the event, reiterates why the lead should watch it, and also teases the special offer.

The next several emails convince the prospect that you understand their struggle, can help them overcome it, and inspire them to believe that your product will give them the results they want. We also include emails to answer their common questions, which is really effective for overcoming buying objections.

Finally, the sequence closes with a 1-2 punch, motivating prospects to take action before the offer ends.

Obviously, the results these emails can create varies hugely depending on what they say, so we make sure to provide the 100K members with very specific, proven frameworks for each one.

I do want to be clear, though, while the structure of each email and the sequence as a whole is important, what’s even more important is that you’ve done your due diligence in terms of market research ahead of time, strategically interviewed your target market, and constructed a persuasive marketing message. Those parts of the process are the foundation that enable you to build a highly-persuasive email sequence that consistently closes sales, so the first 8 weeks of 100K Mastermind is exclusively devoted to that part of the process.

Which Email Software?

Earlier, I said that implementing the Double-Your-Sales sequence won’t cost you anything except a few hours of your time — but I just want to clarify that this is PROBABLY true, but it depends on what email marketing software you’re using.

First of all, you need to make sure your email software allows you to create automated email sequences. Most do, but some only offer this feature on their higher-priced plans, so you’ll just want to check. 

Secondly, some software charges per email you send each month –  including the automated ones, which rack up quickly when your list starts to grow!

Two email marketing software options that check both these boxes – they allow you to create automations and DON’T charge per email – are Convertkit and Mailerlite. 


Convertkit has a free plan you can get started with and use until your list surpasses 1,000 subscribers, but you’ll need to upgrade to their $9/month plan to create automations like the one I was talking about in this article. I have an affiliate link you can use to find their free starter plan at


Another good option is called Mailerlite. They also have a free plan you can use with up to 1,000 subscribers, and their free plan actually allows you to create automations and use a lot of other advanced features, which is pretty cool. You can use my affiliate link to check out their plans and sign up if it’s what you need.

Remember, while these strategies have proven to be profitable for hundreds of our students… they only work if you do!

Reading this blog can earn you a lot of money… but only if you take ACTION on what you learn. So my challenge for you today is to make a plan for when and how YOU will implement a Double-Your-Sales email sequence inside your business. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the details of the Double-Your-Sales sequence and would like access to the swipe copy and coaching support for how this can be adapted for your specific audience, then I invite you to apply for $100K Mastermind

Many entrepreneurs are visionaries and are naturally creating and inspiring, but when it comes to copywriting and technical setups, they feel like a deer in headlights! If you can relate to this, then you could benefit from the step-by-step approach I and my success team provide to keep taking action without needing to figure out what to write on your own.

Still not sure? Click here to find out if the 100K method won’t work for you!

Gillian Perkins

Hi, I’m Gillian! I’m a marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs 10X their sales with FB ads + sales funnels. I love combining tech, analytics, and psychology to create powerful marketing systems. When I’m not helping my clients scale their businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys, exploring new places, or seeking out choice espresso.