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The $100K Method is a 10-episode podcast that explores how to strategically scale your online course to six-figure success. Gillian Perkins brings more than a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and educator and helps you design a business that’s not only flexible and fulfilling but highly profitable.

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Let's get your course making MONEY.

what every “expert” tells you:

“You NEED to build a social media following!"

So, without knowing any better, that’s what I tried to do!

But here’s what nobody tells you about this method…

👉 It's unimaginably slow and unpredictable. 
👉 It will consume ALL of your time.
👉 It will take MONTHS before you can even make a penny.

Once I realized this, I knew there had to be a better way.

Starting over from scratch, I created a completely new strategy that essentially negated the greatest problem people face when starting a new online business:

No one knowing you exist.

And not only did this new strategy earn me TONS of free time (to the tune of a 2-month trip touring Europe, multi-month maternity leaves, and more) it also provided me with a true source of passive income.

Just a few months later, after optimizing the process, this system was bringing in $10,000/month.

And the best part? If you're selling a course (or even a membership), you can implement this exact same strategy yourself.

It's easy to replicate, once you know how it works, and it can earn you passive income for the rest of your life.

A 6-month coaching program to set up a strategic, automated sales funnel and fuel it with ready-to-buy leads.

Are you ready to put live launching, inconsistent revenue, and slow growth behind you?

More than anything, here's what we want you to know: it is possible to successfully sell your online course and consistently earn $10K+/month, even if...

More than anything, here's what we want you to know: it is possible to successfully sell your online course and consistently earn $10K+/month, even if...

🤔 You don't have a big audience (or any audience at all!)
😩 You've tried launching your course in the past... and it was a huge flop.
😬 You're "not good at sales" - we'll teach you a system anyone can follow.

Over the past 4 years, my team and I have perfected our automated sales funnel strategy to be able to predictably sell online courses like hotcakes. 

Now, we want to guide YOU to build a funnel like this for yourself and finally turn your course into a $10K+/month stream of passive income.

Ready when you are! ✨


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Let's get your course making MONEY.