Meaningful Goals & Strategic Projects

It seems like people just aren’t as into New Year’s resolutions as they used to be.

It’s not that we’ve given up on setting goals or working to better ourselves––we’re just not as motivated by the romantic optimism of the New Year’s resolution as we used to be.

Setting goals is an important part of working less and earning more, of course. 

Goals help us figure out what we need to focus on in the limited time that we have.

Goals help us avoid wasting time and make sure that every minute we put into our work really counts.

But there’s often a really important part of goal-setting that’s missing from the equation––and maybe why New Year’s resolutions become problematic, too. 

That missing piece? Meaning.

Meaningful goals create meaningful results.

When your goals aligned with your values and priorities in life, you can finally use your goals to motivate you and stick with a goal even when things get hard.

In this episode, I explain the difference between meaningful goals and strategic projects so you can stay focused on what’s really important to you while accomplishing more of the work that produces results.


  • Why SMART goals might not be so smart after all and why we often end up setting goals we don’t care about
  • The key difference between meaningful goals and strategic projects and why you need both
  • How meaningful goals and strategic projects work together to help you create results you care about
  • The steps you need to take to identify your meaningful goals and choose strategic projects so you can build a plan you love
  • Blog Post: Re-Imagining New Year’s Resolutions
  • Video: How I Plan & Organize To Reach My Goals


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