A Simple (Yet Surprisingly Profitable!) Business Model — VIP Days, Explained with Jordan Gill - Exploring Alternative Business Models

Choosing your business model is a really important decision.

The business model that you choose affects absolutely everything about how you do business, from what you do on a daily basis to how much money you make and how you make that money, to how much time you spend working each week.

But too often, it isn’t even a conscious decision, but just accepted as the default for whatever type of business you’re building or the industry you’re in. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s open our eyes to the different options out there and make conscious choices about the model that’s really right for our businesses, our customers, ourselves, and our personal goals.

This episode is part of a series on business models. In each episode, I’m interviewing a business owner about their business model, how it works, how they make money, and what it all entrails so that you can learn about your different options and make that choice.

Today I’m talking to Jordan Gill about her business, Systems Saved Me.

Jordan helps burned out service providers convert their monthly retainers to virtual VIP Days. Her program Done In a Day™ has helped over 270 students create and sell their first VIP Days. She also has a podcast called Systems Saved Me with over 300 episodes all about how business owners navigate success with systems.



  • How Jordan shifted her business entirely to VIP Days in 2017 and never looked back
  • How she structures her client onboarding to maximize the productivity of the VIP Day
  • How Jordan cultivates win-win referral sources
  • The systems and automations that give Jordan a three-day work week

Learn more about Jordan Gill:

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