7 Passive Income Ideas That Easily Make $200 a Day

The initial appeal of passive income is to make money without any effort.

But with a greater understanding of what passive income is and how it really works, you can get a more realistic idea of the power and potential of this alternative way of earning a living.

It’s not necessarily an easy way to get rich, but instead a strategic way to diversify your income and create greater financial freedom.

But creating streams of passive income does take effort. Quite a lot, in fact. But the long term gains will make that effort worth it.

What’s the best way to earn passive income?

Should you sell courses, publish a book, set up a drop shipping website, start a membership program? Or even build a business and sell it? Or simply invest your savings into an existing business or dividend-earning stocks?

Today, we’re looking at seven of the best passive income options. These are all strategies that are easy to get started and proven to be able to earn at least $200 every day.



  • Three key elements to a successful membership site
  • How you can earn money from a YouTube channel
  • How to earn money from your blog or podcast
  • Two ways to stand out and make money in the creator economy
  • Why layering your strategies leads to the best results

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