What to Focus On When You're Just Starting Out

When I was first trying to get my business started, I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos about how to start an online business and about business strategies.

I also listened to podcasts, read blog posts, and subscribed to dozens of newsletters.

I was hungry for advice about how to get my business started and making money.

I got a ton of advice from mentors from afar during that phase, and I appreciate what I was able to learn.

But the problem with taking in all of that information and advice is that you get so many different ideas about what you could be working on or what you should be working on, it can make it really difficult to know what you should really be focusing on when you’re first starting out.

Today, I’m giving my best advice for what made a difference, what was a distraction, and what you really need to focus on when you’re getting your online business going.



  • Why you need to make decisions and stick to them
  • How to streamline your branding so it doesn’t eat up your time
  • Why quality content is more important than being everywhere at once
  • Why making your first sales has to be your primary focus

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