6 Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Business

Last month, I was teaching a class about how to start a business. And even though most of the participants hadn’t yet started their businesses, all of them had worked on the branding for their business.

So even though they hadn’t done almost any of the other steps of setting up their business to make it legal or to start making money, they’d designed their branding.

Of course we get really excited by new ideas and want to start doing things that feel satisfying and that we can see right away.

But when you’re starting a business, the things you can see aren’t necessarily the most important. And there are a lot of things behind the scenes that we have to do before we can actually start a business.

Today, I’m covering six practical things you have to do before you can start your business.



  • Two places you need to register your business
  • How to start handling your business finances
  • Why you should create a separate email account just for your business
  • Why you have to validate your business idea before you invest time, energy, and money
  • The simple marketing plan you need to start generating leads

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