Conversations to Clients: Start Quality Conversations That Lead to Sales with Nicole Cramer

Everyone has had the experience of meeting someone who you think might be a good fit for your product or service, but you’re not sure how to shift the conversation from a casual chat to talking about what you do or what you offer, and getting their interest.

So today, we’re talking with Nicole Cramer about how to start conversations that lead to sales. She is an Exactly What to Say Certified Guide, and she’s going to share that method for making sales while you’re making conversation.

Nicole Cramer is a high-vibe sales coach for female health and wellness entrepreneurs and CEO of Healthy Steps with Nicole. She specializes in how to start conversations that lead to clients through her proven sales system and she is also one of only twelve Exactly What to Say Certified Guides, making her a specialist in sales language and conversion. Nicole’s focus is on high-touch, relationship based selling where making the customer is more important than making the sale.



  • How planning for the critical conversations in your business can help you stay in the moment
  • Why you need to bring curiosity and empathy to your sales conversations
  • How asking questions keeps you in control of the conversation
  • Three rejection-free ways to open a conversation

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