Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Denise Wilbanks

I frequently get questions about affiliate marketing, and it’s something that I do myself.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, the short version is that you promote someone else’s products in exchange for a commission whenever you make a successful sale.

But there is a lot of confusion and false perceptions about what affiliate marketing is, who it’s a good option for, and how it could fit into your business strategy.

So today, I’m going to give you a complete rundown of affiliate marketing so you can really understand whether or not it’s the right fit for you that will make the best use of your time, and will make you the most money.

To help me, I’ve got Startup Society and 100K Mastermind member, Denise Wilbanks. She’s going to interview me with all of her questions about affiliate marketing, so you can learn along with her.

Denise Wilbanks is the boss babe behind This Is My Everybody, where she is passionate about helping overwhelmed women to simplify their life, home and business so that they can start creating a life filled with what matters most to them.

Denise believes in living a life you love, pursuing your biggest dreams, and surrounding yourself with what matters most to you. Living a simple life clears a path to get you there.



  • The differences between affiliate marketing, referrals, sponsorships, and ad networks
  • Why successful affiliate marketing serves your business and your audience
  • Where to start when you’re looking for affiliate programs
  • Questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about adding affiliate marketing to your business strategy

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