What I Learned in My 20s

In just a few weeks, I'm going to be turning 30 years old.

This last decade has been such a crazy one filled with so many adventures, starting with getting married at 20, then having my first baby the following year, and buying our first house the year after that. And since then, we’ve gone on to buy a couple more houses.

I had four more babies, started several businesses, and visited 12 countries. It’s been a really packed decade and God has taught me so much both through all of these different projects that I've done and also through all the challenges that I've faced, both personally and emotionally. There have also been external challenges like tackling growing a business or buying a house.

So I thought that today would be such a good opportunity to reflect on some of these lessons that I've learned, both to remember them and to share them with you guys.



  • The most important lessons my twenties taught me about earning money and building wealth
  • The physical and emotional factors that help me stay healthy and happy
  • What my twenties taught me about supporting my mental health
  • What I’ve learned about trust, faith, and my relationship with God
  • How my relationships in my twenties taught me about commitment, security, and reaching out

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