100K METHOD #4

Your Funnel Won't Make ANY Money If You Do This.

In this episode, we’re going to cover three unfortunate mistakes most people make when trying to build passive income funnels. Mistakes that don’t just reduce the success of a funnel, they can completely cripple it and stop it from ever generating any revenue at all.

Obviously you’ll want to avoid these mistakes but not just because they can cost you potential income. 

Building a flawed funnel is also a massive waste of time. And while we can always make more money, your time is a non-renewable resource. Time is the one thing you have a fixed amount of and can never get back once it’s spent. So avoiding wasting time needs to be one of our highest priorities with any business strategy decision.

My goal for this episode is to bring these potential mistakes to your awareness, because that’s the first step to avoiding or solving any problem.

If you haven’t started out yet, knowing what to look for and avoid will help you take a better route. Or, if you’ve already started, but gotten stuck, understanding these mistakes will enable you to diagnose why you aren’t getting the results you want. Specifically, why your funnel isn’t generating tens of thousands of dollars of passive income every month.



  • Two big reasons why you need to validate your idea before you pour your time into building a funnel
  • Why you need an evergreen lead generation system for your evergreen funnel
  • Why your funnel needs to sell potential customers on a Primary Tangible Result

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