What I Learned Spending $20,000+ on Copywriters

Last year I spent over $20,000 on copywriters.

That is a lot of money by the standard of any small business, and it was a very significant chunk of my expenses last year.

You might think that it sounds crazy to spent $20,000 on copywriting services.  But consider this:  if you're earning $50k with a 1% conversion rate, you could bump it up to just a 3% conversion rate and generate $150,000!

That's a really big increase!

By improving my copy-–and increasing my conversion rate–by even a small amount, I can generate significantly more revenue and profit for my business.  So spending $20,000 on copywriting suddenly doesn’t sound so crazy.

In today’s episode, I want to share what  I learned through the process of spending so much money on copywriting services.

I’m going to break down whether or not it was worth it, as well as how to consider whether hiring a copywriter is a smart move for your business. I'm also going to share with you the impact that investing this money has had on my business – good and bad.


  • How hiring a copywriter can (potentially!) be a great investment but it can also have a lot of challenges
  • 2 BIG copywriting projects I outsourced, and how each of them turned out
  • What 5 big lessons I learned about copywriting, marketing, success, and taking shortcuts
  • Whether or not I will work with copywriters again in the future and what I'll do differently
  • Episode 16 with Ashlyn Carter


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Sean McMullin