EP 22: Six-figure Launches With A TINY List–Tarzan Kay Shares Her Copywriting Secrets

When you’re selling online, most people assume that a bigger audience is better.

More people, more money, right?

According to today’s guest, a six-figure launch isn’t about your list size and it’s not just about how awesome you are—really! Instead, it’s about how you structure your offer, how you price it, and how you build a relationship with your audience. There’s a method behind it.

Tarzan Kay is an email marketing expert and former copywriter-for-hire who’s been able to generate massive revenue with a small audience. In this episode, Tarzan shares exactly how she did a $151,000 launch last year.

And, naturally, she shares all of her expert email marketing and copywriting tips on how she stands out in a crowded market—and how you can, too.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What counterintuitive pricing strategy to use if your list is small
  • How you *structure* your offer matters and how sometimes it’s about more than your sales tactics
  • What “small list tactics” you can use to maximize your sales when your email list is small
  • Why you shouldn’t WAIT to launch—and how it can actually be the best thing you can do to grow your audience

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