EP 34: Creating a Podcast with IMPACT featuring Tara McMullin

Globally, there are over one million podcasts available—and growing! That is a HUGE number of podcasts. 

Given the continuous growth of this industry, it’s no wonder that you’re considering creating one—or want to learn how to make your existing podcast even better than it is now. 

There are countless resources available on HOW to start a podcast. That’s why I wanted to take a different approach with this episode and instead explore what determines the success of a podcast, how hosting a podcast impacts your business, and how you can make the most impact on your listeners.

Podcasting is relatively new to me and so that’s why I invited someone on the show who’s been in the game for awhile—someone who could share how to create a podcast that will not only be effective in terms of downloads and listeners, but will actually influence your business and revenue, too.

Tara McMullin is the host of the What Works podcast, founder of the What Works Network, and the co-founder of Yellow House Media. She’s been helping small business owners find what works for them for over a decade. Her goal is to push past the hype and facilitate candid conversations about doing business in the New Economy. 

In this episode, Tara’s going to divulge all the ways in which we can make an impact in our communities through podcasting and so much more.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The #1 most important thing you need to figure out about your podcast for it to have the impact you’re looking for
  • How to stand out from OTHER podcasts that cover the same topic as your show
  • How finding the right premise for you show makes everything else fall into place
  • How to MARKET your show to build your listener-base and grow your audience

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How The Premise Of Your Podcast Can Make Your Business More Money by Yellow House Media

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