Metric-Driven Marketing with Rita Barry

Are you more “left-brained” or “right-brained”? 

We all have some balance between the more analytical and the more creative/emotional sides, but most of us lean more one way or the other.

A lot of entrepreneurs -- especially visionary, founder sorts -- are extremely creative, always coming up with new ideas and solutions. Many even refer to themselves as “creative entrepreneurs.”

Those right-brain skills are KEY for entrepreneurial success… but they still have to be balanced out.

Because while creativity can get you started and keep you inspired… it’s analyzing the numbers that will allow you to stay in business long term.

Maybe “analyzing the numbers” sounds fun to you! (Where my nerdy friends at?? ?)

But, on the other hand, if it sounds scary, hard, or boring… well, I just want to let you know right now that it doesn’t have to be any of those things.

Understanding your business’s numbers -- and making strategic decisions based off of them -- is an essential skill as an entrepreneur, and it can actually be quite interesting and easy!

To show you exactly how to do this for yourself, I asked Rita Barry to come on the podcast this week. Rita specializes in metric-driven marketing for online businesses, and she shared some really practical advice on how to get started making more strategic, numbers-based decisions in our businesses.



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