Make More Sales with These Easy Market Research Strategies with Margo Carroll

Several years ago, when I ran a digital marketing agency, I met an incredible woman named Margo Carroll.

At first, I didn't realize how incredible she was -- she was just another client who was hiring us to run her Facebook ads.

But the more I got to know Margo, see her work, and learn from her, the more impressed I became.

Not only does Margo do everything she takes on with integrity and serious commitment, but I also discovered she has an area of unique expertise: sales psychology.

Margo understands the human mind and persuasion in a deep way, but, more than that, she's able to strategically apply that knowledge to connect with people and create highly effective marketing campaigns.

And, while Margo originally hired my company to help her advertise her business, over the years the tables have turned, and I've become the client. Margo has helped us conduct thorough market research, write sales campaigns, launch webinars, and strategize our funnels.


  • How to use market research to learn more about your customers and more effectively sell to them
  • Why market research is incredibly valuable to do when you're in the planning stages (deciding what to sell) to improve your copy and maximize your sales
  • How asking a potential member questions before they join your Facebook group is a type of market research (and how you can use it in your future copy)
  • The first steps Margo recommends if you haven’t done research in your business before
  • Learn more about Margo Carroll
  • Follow Margo on Instagram


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