How to TEST Your Business Idea

As you’re likely aware, we’re currently in the process of guiding a group of 130 students through the VALIDATE accelerator program, helping them figure out whether or not there’s demand for their business ideas.

I shared a lot last month about why this process is so essential--including the fact that it protects you from possibly wasting countless hours (even years) of your life on an idea that never pans out.

I’ve seen one (or 100…) too many entrepreneurs wind up feeling like failures because they can’t turn their business idea into a success -- when, in reality, they aren’t the problem at all -- they’re just trying to build the wrong business.

What makes it even worse is that this problem is 100% avoidable.

I know not everyone was able to participate as a student in VALIDATE, so today on the podcast I’m doing something very special: offering a crash course on how to do the validation process for yourself!

If you’re a DIY’er then you’ll love this episode. Not only is it the “do it yourself” guide to testing your biz idea, but it’s also going to ensure that all your future business DIY projects have much greater chances of being successful!


  • The biggest mistake most people who want to become entrepreneurs make
  • The 6 steps to validate your business idea
  • Why you need to figure out if people actually WANT what you’re trying to sell… and why you need PROOF
  • The difference between a business and a business idea
  • Free Validate Checklist
  • Profit Planning Challenge


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Sean McMullin