How to Start a Freelancing Career and Land Your First Clients with Jay Clouse

With the events of 2020 behind us, more people than ever before are taking the leap to work for themselves.

There are a lot of potential upsides. A flexible schedule. Freedom of choice in who you work with and what you work on. Security. And of course, no limit on your potential earnings.

But most people are also painfully aware of the challenges of getting started.

Is your personality a good fit for freelance work? What business should you start? Will anyone even want to hire you? And how can you find your first client?

To help you answer those questions and more, today on the podcast I’m bringing you Jay Clouse.

Jay is the founder of Freelancing School and the Unreal Collective, and his speciality is helping people make that transition from creative-stuck-in-a-day-job to freelancer, then from freelancer to CEO.



  • How Jay’s career evolved from startup cofounder to product management to freelance service provider and beyond
  • A mindset shift around work, employment and compensation that will expand how you think about contract work
  • The relationship of leadership, expectation setting, expertise and pricingps for building your freelance portfolio
  • Tips for building your freelance portfolio

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