How to Stick with Your Plan Until You Succeed with Gabe Cox

Results take time.

We know that it takes perseverance to see our ideas and plans through. But when success still seems far off in the distance, or a newer, shinier idea pops into your head, what do you do?

And how do you know when it really is time to throw in the towel?

It’s rare that success happens on day one. Or even on day 50. By day 100 you might be seeing some real progress, but even then you probably won’t have made it to the finish line.

So, what to do when new ideas come? Is the new idea really better or is it a distraction from the hard parts in between the idea and the finish line?

Deciding when to stick it out and when it’s time to move on are questions of perseverance, commitment, and discernment. And it’s exactly what Startup Success coach Gabe Cox specializes in.

Gabe is a marathon runner, author of Mind Over Marathon, success coach, and homeschooling mom. And she knows a thing or two about seeing plans through to completion.



  • Two types of goals and the challenges they present to perseverance
  • The benefits of perseverance, not just to your business but to your life and personal growth
  • How perseverance and discipline are recurring choices, not immutable traits
  • How knowing your “why” on a deep level helps you stay the course
  • How to get honest with yourself about the real consequences of not persevering

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