How to Launch with EMAIL [Sales Sequence Guide]

Email is not dead.

When you’re selling products online, you always need a few different tools in your marketing kit.

You’ll use advertising so people hear about your products in the first place. Then you’ll need some way to move those leads from lukewarm to interested in buying to paying customers.

And most businesses, from small local retailers to big name brands, are still using email as a key part of their sales process.

And that's why I find it, especially ridiculous when people say that email is dead.

We’re all still using email. It’s a primary method of communication in general and it’s still a primary sales channel for most businesses. 

Which is why today, we’re going to discuss how to launch a product with email. 

We’ll get into the details on conversion rates, how to incorporate webinars, and options for setting up your email sequence. Because no matter what your advertising strategy is to move people into your funnel, you’re going to need emails to convert those leads.



  • Why webinars are especially helpful for smaller brands to boost conversions
  • Pros and cons of short and long launch sequences
  • The importance of the pre-launch period
  • 10 emails that will increase your sales by 500% 

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