Scaling While Keeping Your Schedule In Check with Hannah Murphy

Business owners are always hearing and talking about growth and scale.You want your business to succeed and make money, which means doing more business, right?

But you’ll probably have to make some major changes or pivots along the way to make growth sustainable.

Today’s guest has gone through those major pivots and changes as her business has grown. She’s even gone through several iterations of her business model to land where she is now.

Hannah Murphy is a productivity strategist and owner of With Hannah & Co. She helps entrepreneurs create a profit-focused schedule that eliminates unnecessary task switching, long nights and never-ending to-do lists.

Having been through the long hours, seven days a week trying to grow her client list style of doing business,

Hannah realized she needed to rethink what a productive schedule looked like. Once she did, she was able to achieve the growth she was looking for and more.

I wanted to talk to her about the changes she’s made in her business, from starting as a virtual assistant to becoming a productivity strategist and what that means, and the motivations behind the pivots and phases of her business.



  • How Hannah approached developing new skills and pitching her ideal clients
  • How a simple referral program grew her business from 3 to 27 clients in just a few months
  • Why prioritizing systems and recognizing her weak points helped Hannah make smart hiring choices
  • How her productivity coaching grew out of her existing clients and when she realized creating a course would help stave off burnout

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