Roundup: How to Grow Your Business in Limited Hours

If you only had 20 hours to work in your business each week, what task would be at the top of your priority list? Why?

That’s the question I asked four of my most trusted business connections, friends, and mentors.

Today, you’ll hear from Lucy Griffiths, Ashlyn Carter, Lacy Boggs, and Ashley Gartland in the first of a new format we’re calling Roundup, where I invite my business friends and mentors to answer a question, and you get their insights and experiences on that topic.

Today, they’ll tell us what tasks they prioritize in their business and why, and you’ll get insight into why you might want to shift your priorities so you can do more with less time.

Lucy Griffiths is the creator of Confident on Camera. Her incredible sales funnel has sold over 30,000 copies of one of her online courses. Lucy focuses on strategies that give her really big results with the least possible effort.

Ashlyn Carter is conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. Her launch funnels have generated results for clients including upwards of $1M in revenue in a single week and her courses teach people to write their own effective, sales-generating copy, all while working half-time.

Lacy Boggs is a content strategist and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps small business owners fill their program or practice by generating organic demand through content marketing.

Ashley Gartland is a business coach who helps busy small business owners and online entrepreneurs simplify and streamline their business so they can grow more and work less.



  • Why Lucy focuses her energy on audience building and relationship building
  • How Ashlyn uses the Pomodoro technique and batches her days to stay on track
  • Why Lacy keeps sales and marketing at the top of her list
  • How Ashley builds and maintains relationships to run her business in 20 hours per week

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