How To Find Good Opportunities

We all have goals, right? And we all want to become successful — whether that means becoming a published author, traveling the world, or making a million dollars.

But, here's the thing: in order to reach our goals and becomes successful, we have to get good opportunities so that we can move forward. We can't JUST work hard all day, every day. We have to meet people who can help us, learn what we need to do to reach our goals, and sometimes get people to say “YES” to our ideas (i.e. buy our thing, offer a book contract, or agree to give us a pay raise).

So, the questions, then, is: How do we find good opportunities?

Simple answer: Look for them.

Now you're probably thinking one of two things. Either, A) “That's incredibly obvious.” or B) “I don't have any good opportunities right now, and looking for them won't help.”

…and that's exactly what it's so important to look for them.

How to find Good OpportunitiesYou can't find what you aren't looking for. I mean, you find stuff every day, but it's not normally stuff worth getting excited about, right? You find a pair of socks someone took off in the living room, a letter you stuck in your purse and forgot to mail, and maybe some leftovers in the fridge that have spoiled.


But SOME people find really awesome stuff: vintage coins that sell for tens of thousands of dollars, the perfect paint color for their house, or an amazing new way to grow trees faster!

Of course, sometimes we happen to stumble upon great stuff, even if we weren't looking. But it's random, unrepeatable, and doesn't happen very often. People who consistently find good stuff do so by consistently looking.

Finding good opportunities works exactly the same way.

If you aren't looking for good opportunities, it's probably because you don't even really believe that they're out there, waiting for YOU. Maybe you think you're “just unlucky,” or maybe you think there aren't enough opportunities to go around.

(Of course, these aren't normally conscious thoughts, but more like underlying feelings.)

After all… if you were confident that there were tons of great opportunities just waiting for you to find, then you'd definitely be looking! (And looking all the time, with a lot of enthusiasm, too.)

How I find awesome opportunities every daySo, how do you find good opportunities?

Step #1

Believe that good opportunities are out there, waiting for you to find them.

Step #2

Look for them.

Of course, there are a few other important parts of this process, like:

? How do you know what you're looking for?

? What do you actually DO to “look” for opportunities?

? How can you decide if an opportunity is “good enough” to actually take action on, or if you should hold out for a better one?

I answer these questions (and a few more) in my latest YouTube video, How to Find Opportunities and Become Successful. If you want to start noticing the good opportunities that are all around you, then I recommend you give it a watch. 🙂

Hope you enjoy and get so much out of it. Here's to your success!


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Haley Blake