how to niche when you have TOO MANY IDEAS

So, you’re trying to decide which idea would be the perfect topic for you to start a YouTube channel or business with, but you’re having trouble because you’re multi-passionate! 

You may have all these ideas in your head and be stuck because each and every one of them sounds like a great idea (and you want to do them all), so how do you pick just one?!

Well, today, I’m going to walk you through three strategies that will help you pick your niche once and for all and make it something you’ll be pleased with for the long-term. 

If you’re multi-passionate with a squirrel brain of ideas, this article is for you!

strategy #1 – practice mode

With all your ideas, you may be asking yourself different questions such as…

  • “Is this idea going to be sustainable?”
  • “Will I be passionate about this idea for the long run?”
  • “Will this idea be worth it for me to invest my time into?”


To find this out, I recommend you do what’s called practice mode.

Practice mode is simply coming up with a ton of different content ideas for each niche you’re debating between to see which one stands out to you. 

All you need to do is take out a pen and paper or pull up a new Google Doc on your computer and start brainstorming! Choose one of your possible topics first and write down as many content ideas you can for that particular niche. Once you’ve done that, then do the same thing for each topic idea you are debating between.

For example, if one of your niches is productivity for moms, then write down any and all ideas associated with that topic (no idea is bad in brainstorming). What teaching ideas do you have? What methods could you cover? Are there any strategies you could share? Do you have any tips or hacks to help that mom out? What are all the things you can think of related to productivity?

I want you to set a goal of hitting at least 50 content ideas for each niche. Once you do that, then you can look at all the different ideas and determine which you may be more passionate about. Was one list quite a bit longer than the others? Did one stand out to you as more interesting? Could you talk about one topic all day?

Practice mode will help you prove to yourself how much you have to say about each of these topics and determine if there’s long-term potential for one in particular.

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strategy #2 – date an idea

You may be considering popping the question to a particular niche, marrying the idea, and sticking with it long term. But, just like marriage, this IS a big decision!

I recommend dating this idea before you decide to marry it. 

You can give each of your niche ideas a proper trial run to see which one is the right match for you (which one you have chemistry with, if you will). 

Here’s how to date an idea:

  1. Choose ONE niche to test.
  2. Go ALL IN with that ONE idea for 3 months.
  3. After 3 months determine if it is the ONE for you.

Now, here’s the thing… You're not saying “No!” to the other ideas forever. You’re just saying, “Not now” because you’re testing them each one at a time.

How you’ll test your idea depends on what the idea is. 

If you’re wanting to start a YouTube channel, then maybe the three months looks like you starting the channel, publishing videos every single week for three months, then evaluating if you’re still into the topic. Do you still have a ton of content ideas to cover? Are you still liking it? Can you see yourself talking about this particular topic long term?

How about if you have a business idea you want to test?

Well, your three-month dating period could look like creating a business plan, developing a beta version of your product idea, doing a beta launch to actively try to sell your product and see if you get a good response. 

Then, at the end of the trial, you can evaluate the response you received and how much you enjoyed the process. This will help you determine the future potential of that particular product or business idea. 

Don’t be afraid to date your idea” before committing to it.

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strategy #3 – freedom method

The third and final strategy we’ll talk about today is the freedom method,” which is actually letting go of trying to choose a niche!

(freeing, I know!)

This is actually how I determined what business idea I was most passionate about that I could see myself going all-in, long-term with. It happened when I stopped forcing myself to fit into a box, when I stopped trying to talk about only one specific topic.

Here’s what I did…

I started a blog, and I would write a blog post each week, but I didn’t try to fit it into a specific category or nice. I wrote about what most interested me that week. 

After doing this for a period of time, I began to notice certain trends (what others enjoyed) as well as certain topics I enjoyed writing about. I began to see what I was attracted to, what my audience was excited about, and I meshed the two together.

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combine the methods

Now, you’re probably excited about each of these three strategies above, but you’re wondering which method will work for you. Well, you could use all three strategies if you want to!

Here’s the order I recommend you work through them: 

  1. Start with practice mode and come up with content ideas for each of the niches you are interested in.
  2. Move onto the freedom method and begin creating content in each of these areas (whatever is feeling right for you that particular week).
  3. Then determine which topic you are jiving with most, and date that idea for three months. 
  4. Lastly, decide if you want to go all in with that one idea you were dating. If not, then date one of the other ideas for another three months. Continue with this process until you find the niche that’s right for you for the long run.

Again, choosing a niche doesn’t mean you’re saying no to all of your other ideas. You are just focusing on one idea with this particular business venture you start. 

You can continue to study the other topics, you can continue to enjoy them as hobbies, or, down the road, maybe you can start a new business or YouTube channel with one of those other ideas. 

What’s next?

Once you’ve found your niche to run with, then you need to learn the ropes of starting an online business! If you want help with that, my free online course, Small Business 101, will teach you how to get started and grow with the niche of your choosing! Find out more at

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