How I Run My 6-Figure Business in Just 20 Hours/Week (2023)

In today's episode, I want to share with you how I run my online business in just 20 hours per week, including a breakdown of exactly what I spend my time on, what my schedule looks like, and some of the key things that I don't do in my business that allow me to save a lot of time.

We often look at what we’re currently doing and think that this is the only way things can work.  It’s hard to think outside the box and to have creative new ideas because we see how things are working together right now.

But when I look at my past, I can see that even though I didn’t know it was possible then, there was so much more than I imagined was possible.

And that’s why I’m sharing how I run my business in 2023, in 20 hours per week.



  • Why there isn’t as much competition for your online business as you might think
  • A breakdown of how I spend my time from least to most (my answers might surprise you!)
  • What tasks are outsourced to free up my time for bigger-picture work
  • Why I batch tasks like recording the podcast and YouTube videos
  • What I don’t do in my business that can save a ton of time

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